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Music therapy was an important part of Blair’s life throughout every stage of her progressive illness.

She looked forward to her weekly session for years and had a true bond with her therapist. When she was in the hyper stage of Sanfilippo Syndrome, it provided her an opportunity to have fun in a safe environment! Music therapy was used to help her focus on simple routines that were challenging for her such as brushing her teeth and dressing.


Songs were created by Joyful Music Therapy that could be sung at home while she performed these tasks, and make them fun for her. Music therapy also had a significant impact on maintaining language skills for Blair. As her disease robbed her of her speech, it was only through music therapy that she was still able to get a word or two out, and eventually just sounds. Without words, her participation focused on her ability to use simple instruments, and it delighted her! When walking became more difficult music therapy was used to help her step to the beat.


It was incredible to see music work in that way. In the final months of her life, she was unable to participate but still able to enjoy the music. Blair’s therapist would sit by her bedside and put her hand on the guitar so she would feel the beat of the beautiful sounds.

The music was used to sooth her in times of discomfort and gave her an overall sense of peace.


Our family is so thankful that Blair had the opportunity to receive music therapy throughout her life.  

Susan Chapin- 

Blair's Mother



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